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July 2009 New York Bar Exam EssayTested Subjects

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Today, the July 2009 New York Bar Exam Tested essay subjects were:

Question 1:  Agency and Contract

Question 2:  Domestic Relations

Question3:  Criminal and UCC 3

Question 4:  Tort and Conflict

Question 5:   Wills and Trust

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July 2009 California Bar Exam Tested Subjects – Essays and Performance Test

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Today, July 2009 California Bar Exam’s Tested Subjects were:

Essay Exam 1:  Torts and Civil Procedure

Essay Exam 2:  Professional Responsibility

Essay Exam 3:  California Evidence

Performance Test:  Motion and Demurrer is coming to California for February 2010.  E-mail us at

July 2009 Florida Bar Exam Tested Subjects

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Today, the July 2009 Florida bar exam essays tested were:

Contracts/Professional Responsibilities

Family Law

RealProperty/Professional Responsibilities

The July 2009 Florida  Multiple Choice Questions tested were:

Criminal and Civil Procedure


Business Entities

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Today Is the Bar Exam and You Will Begin the Rest of Your Life

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Today is the bar exam.  Relax, be confident and do your thng.  You have studied hard for this day and you’ll will perform to the best of your ability.  Tonight, go back to your home or to your hotel  and rest.  Don’t do anymore studying for the MBE.  Eat, watch a little television and then go to sleep.  You will be so tired, you will be asleep before your head hits your pillow.  But it will be a well earned rest.  Good luck to everyone.  Keep believing in yourself.  This is the first day of your life as an attorney.

1 Day Until the Bar Exam: Relax and Be Confident

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You are almost to the finish line.  Get ready today by relaxing and being confident in your abilities.  You have been preparing for your chance to be a lawyer for 3 years or more.  You can do this.  Go ahead on Tuesday and kick butt!

Schwarzenegger: Overlook Glitch, Let Paralyzed Grad Take California Bar Exam

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I saw this at CNN today.  Yet another example of bureaucratic nonsense.

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Saturday called on the state bar to overlook a technical error and allow a paralyzed law school graduate to take the bar exam next week.

“It is outrageous that someone who has overcome so much in life is penalized by a bureaucratic error that prevents her from taking the bar exam next week,” the governor said in a statement.

“Government should work for the people, not against them, and I’m calling on the state bar to allow Sara Granda to take next week’s test. Sara is a fighter, and I am with her all the way.”

The state bar’s Web site never processed Granda’s application for Tuesday’s test because California’s Department of Rehabilitation paid her $600 fee with a check, according to the Sacramento Bee. The Web site requires a credit card number, but Granda said she was assured by a state bar representative that she was properly registered with the check, the newspaper reported.

Granda, 29, a University of California-Davis Law School graduate, has petitioned the California Supreme Court to allow her to take Tuesday’s test.

She said she was “surprised” to hear about Schwarzenegger’s statement in her defense.

“I’m not used to a lot of attention,” she told CNN television affiliate KCRA. She said she went to the governor’s office last week, “but they wouldn’t let me in.”

“So I knew there was no way that the governor was going to get involved,” she said.

Granda was paralyzed from the neck down after a car accident in 1997, when she was 17. The accident happened a month before she was to attend California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, on a full scholarship, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Granda, who has been studying 11 hours a day for the bar exam with the help of assistants, said she wants the state of California to resolve the matter because it spent about $100,000 for her education.

“I worked very, very hard for every cent,” she told KCRA. “So for everything to come together in the end and for it to just kind of fall through on such a minor, minor detail.”

2 Days Until the Bar Exam: Good Luck to All

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For those taking the bar exam, good luck to all of you and remember the lessons I gave you in this blog.  Come in with a plan, remember your goals and you will be calling yourself an attorney in a few months. 

Be confident in your abilities.  You have studied hard these past couple of months, you have practiced endlessly, and you know what you need to do.  Don’t psych yourself out.  You can do this and will do it.  Keep your focus and you will do well.

A special shout out to my students.  Good luck people – now you know why I was so hard on you and you know that the “Parson Group” believes in you.

Good Luck to all.