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What Should I Do if I Think I was Unsuccessful on the California, Florida or other State Bar Exams

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If you think you have failed the California, Florida or other state bar, start studying and preparing for the February 2010 Bar Exam NOW.

Many law students’ preparation time for the bar exam start entirely too late.  Most start preparing for the July Bar in late May.  For most students, that is just not enough time to properly digest and learn old and new legal principles.

Time is now on your side; use it to your advantage.  The Florida Bar exam is the second most difficult exam behind California for a number of reasons.  For Florida takers, practice writing your essays and average 7 a week until the next exam.  The key for Florida is the carry over points obtained by writing a good essay.

Many students in Florida do not receive the minimum passing score of 136 on the MBE.  However, doing well and receiving carry over points on your essay will allow a passing score.

As for California, you have twice as many essays to write and also a performance testing component, which requires 2 PT memos.  Again, the key is reasoning and writing like a lawyer – not a law student – a lawyer.  You must understand rule application and the practical aspects of legal reasoning.  Blending the law with the facts will allow you success on the California Bar Exam.

Please visit for bar review materials and courses for California, Florida and the US District Court of Puerto Rico Bar Examinations.

July 2009 California Bar Exam Essays and Performance Test – Third Day

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The July 2009 California Bar Exam Essays and Peformance Test tested on the last day of the exam were:

Constitutional Law

Criminal Procedure

Torts with  Federal Civil Procedure and Professional Responsibility

The Performance Test was an objective memo on Privileges.