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Why Do Law Students Fail the Florida Bar Exam: How Can I Pass?

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Most law students fail the Florida Bar Exam for three major reasons:

1.  They revert back to bad writing habits developed in law school

Under the pressures of the bar exam, many students revert back to bad habits.  These bad habits allowed them to graduate from law school, but will be the kiss of death on the bar.  Some of the bad habits include, not organizing your answer, no line by line analysis and not answering the call of the question.

2.     Poor Preparation and Time Management. 

Many law students start their bar preparation entirely too late, leaving most in a rush mode.  For the upcoming February 2010 bar, your preparation should start no later than October 15, 2009.  You should allow yourself 5 to 6 hours per day for studying.  But more importantly, studying correctly is the key.  You need to write and answer many essays and MBE questions. Your answers must be evaluated by a private tutor.

3.  They don’t really believe that they will pass

You must have a belief that you will pass.  Get rid of all negative thoughts, people and things.  You must truly believe that you will pass.  You must say this every single day prior to the bar and you must have the confidence to succeed.

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The Lawyer’s Dress Code for Court Appearances

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I found this news article conerning a lawyer challenging the dress code in court.  Perhaps this lawyer should not have passed the bar or perhaps the adage is correct  that a lawyer who represents himself is a fool:

Judge to Lawyer:  Dress Well In Court

Friday, September 24, 2009

NEW YORK (Reuters) – If you plan to show up in court, it may be best to dress up for the occasion.

A federal judge in Brooklyn, New York on Thursday threw out a complaint by a lawyer alleging a constitutional right to wear jeans and a baseball hat in a courtroom.

Todd Bank, whose office is in Kew Gardens, New York, showed up in a Queens housing court in March 2008 while wearing a button-down shirt, blue jeans, socks, shoes and a baseball hat that read “Operation Desert Storm.”

Judge Anne Katz told Bank he was dressed inappropriately, and court clerk Jude Albano told him to take the hat off.

Bank sued both, saying his right to free speech and his liberty to dress as he wishes, which he said are guaranteed under the First and Fourteenth Amendments, allowed him to wear the clothing.

Not so, said U.S. District Judge Nicholas Garaufis.

A courtroom is a “staid environment” where a judge may set reasonable limits on litigants’ behavior to enforce “commonly shared mores of courtroom civility,” he wrote.

He said the case raised “no serious dispute,” lamenting that the office of New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo “has now had to expend resources” defending the matter.

The judge added, however: “When he is not in court, plaintiff is free to express the ideas he wishes to express, and to wear the attire he chooses to wear.”

Bank did not immediately return requests for comment. He did not allege discrimination on the basis of the hat’s content.

The case is Bank v. Katz, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York (Brooklyn), No. 08-1033.

(Reporting by Jonathan Stempel, editing by Dave Zimmerman)

Question 3 of the Florida Bar Exam: Real Property or Constitutional Law Question?

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Our students have been asking us about question 3 on the Florida Bar Exam.  The Florida Board of Bar Examiners, in their letters to the bar takers,  has labeled Question 3 as  a “Constitutional Law” question.    In our evaluation of the question back in July, BarProfessors called it a Real Property/Ethics question. Who is right?

BarProfessors has always advised our bar students to read the call of the question.  If you can read and understand the question and answer only that call of the question, you are on your way to getting the points you need to pass that essay.

The call of the question in Question 3  has more of a real property tint to it,  although there are elements of constitutional law with the homestead issue.    The call of the question asks for an evaluation of the interest each party holds in the subject property, evaluation of the title and claims against the property.  The question also asks about legal fees. 

But more importantly, the call of the question requests you, specifically, through a memorandum, to give certain legal analysis of the issues affecting the property status of the party.

To correctly answer any Florida question on the bar exam you must answer and understand the call of the question. Don’t worry about the label BarProfessors or the Florida Board of Bar Examiners use.  Subject areas spill over into other areas.  Yes, it may have constitutional law in it, but also real property.  Always understand that the law has gray areas, whether on the bar exam or in legal practice.

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What Should I Do if I was Unsuccessful on the Florida Bar Exam: Important Advice for Repeat Florida Bar Takers

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First, let the shock of failing the bar subside with a few days of reflection.  Clearly, this may be one of your greatest disappointments, but don’t let it control or define who you are.  You can pass the bar exam in February 2010. 

Ok, now let’s start.  Do not repeat the same class, study plan or approach you used the last time.  It did not work.  Coming close on the bar is good only in horse shoes.  One size does not fit all.  Get a private tutor and/or enroll in a “small” individualized bar review with contact and essay evaluation from your instructor.  This structured, personalized program is the key to passing the bar for repeat takers.  Above all, never give up.

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Florida Bar Exam Results by School

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The July 2009 Florida Bar Exam results by school is as follows:

U. of Miami: 83.9%  (224 took the bar, 188 passed)

U. of Florida: 86.3% (328 took the bar, 283 passed)

Stetson:   81.8%  (209 took the bar, 171 passed)

Florida State:  91.4% (175 took the bar, 160 passed)

Nova Southeastern:.86.1% ( 208 took the bar,  179 passed)

St. Thomas: 75% (116 took the bar,   87 passed)

Florida Coastal:  83% (230 took the bar, 191 passed)

Barry 73.6% (110 took the bar, 81 passed)

Florida A&M:  52.6% (95 took the bar, 50 passed)

Florida International: 80.9% (89 took the bar, 72 passed)

Non-Florida law schools: 75.2% (719 took the bar, 541 passed)

 Totals:  80% (2503 took the bar, 2003 passed)

The Florida Bar Exam Results Are Up

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The Florida bar exam results are now up.

Congratulations on passing the bar and a job well done.

To those who failed, keep your chin up; you can pass the next time.  Have a good cry and get back to business.

The Florida Bar Results Will Be Released on Monday at 12:00 pm

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The Florida bar results will be released on Monday, September 21, 2009 at 10:00 am.  I know the Florida takers are going crazy this weekend.  Monday will be such a big day for you.  This is your day of reckoning.  Did you study hard enough, not enough, did you do enough to pass.  Those thoughts will consume you this weekend.  It will be hard, but try to relax; it is out of your control right now.  There are no more second thoughts for you.

Monday will be a day of joy for some and hardship for others.  For those who pass, enjoy this exciting and great accomplishment.  You deserve all the praise from your friends and family for your hard work and sacrifice.

For those who were unsuccessful, do not feel dejected.  Start studying for the bar now.  Get right back up and say, “I will pass in February 2010.”  Hard work will pay off.  Also, do not do what you did last time.  It is not working for you.  Bar review courses are one size fits all, but you will need another way to study that fits your needs.  Determine how you can get the most for your studies so that you can pass in February.  Never give up.

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Scoring and Passing the Florida Bar Exam Essay Day

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The Florida bar exam essay is tested the first day with 3 essays and 100 multi-choice Florida tested subjects.

To pass the Florida bar exam you must do well on all of the 3 essays.  You should average between 45 to 50 points per essay out of a possible 300 points.

On the multi-choice questions, you should score between 60% – 70% of the questions correctly.

However, the only way you will pass the Florida bar exam is by doing well on all of your essay questions.

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The MBE and the Florida Bar Exam

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To pass the MBE in the State of Florida one must make a scale score of 136.  This generally means that you would need a raw score of at least 126 or so.  However, most of my students who passed the Florida Bar never received the magic numbers of 136, but score high enough on the essay portion to pass. 

To pass you must receive a combined score of 272 on the Florida bar.  Carry over points from the essay will determine, for many, their passing score.

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Important Bar Exam Results Dates

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I wanted to let my readers know that the California bar exam results will be mailed out on November 20, 2009. 

Oregon’s bar exam results will be available on September 25, 2009.

Florida’s bar exam results will be available on September 21, 2009.

Kansas’ bar exam results is now out.

Indiana’s bar  exam results is now out.