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Congratulations to All Bar Exam Takers

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You are finished!!  Congratulations for a job well done.  Relax,  sleep, play and be totally frivolous this weekend.  You deserve it.

Not Yet Done for Some Bar Exams

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Congratulations to everyone who has taken and survived your bar exam.  For some, it is still going on this Thursday.  Good Luck for those still sitting for their State day.

The Multistate Bar Exam is Today

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The MBE is today.  You have 100 questions in the morning and 100 questions in the afternoon.  Work steadily and knock them off one at a time, you have 1.8 minutes a question.  Good luck, everyone.  Make Bar Professors proud.

Florida Bar Exam Multiple Choice Questions for February 23, 2010

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Florida Bar Exam Essay Subjects for February 23, 2010

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Domestic Relations/Family Law with Professional Responsibility

Real Property/Constitutional Law

Torts (Products Liability)

The Bar Exam is Today

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Good Luck to all bar exam takers today – our thoughts are with you.

Bar Professors

1 Day Before the Bar Exam: Be Confident in Your Abilities

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You are almost to the finish line.  Go to the hotel, read over your mini-outlines today, but relax.  Eat sparingly .  Make your meals small and light.  Take the evening off, watch tv, and go to bed early.  You will probably not sleep as well as you would like, but stay in bed and try to just doze if you can.  Don’t get up, move around or study your outlines –  it will just make you tired during the bar.  You will need all of your energy for Tuesday.  When you get up on Tuesday, again, eat lightly, but eat something.  You’ll need the energy for the morning session.

More importantly, be confident in your abilities.  You have been preparing for your chance to be a lawyer for 3 years or more.  You can do this.  Go ahead on Tuesday and kick butt!

Good Luck from Bar Professors!!

2 Days Until the Bar Exam: You Can Do It!!!

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For those taking the bar exam, good luck to all of you and remember your lessons.  Come in with a plan, remember your goals and you will be calling yourself an attorney in a few months. 

Be confident in your abilities.  You have studied hard these past couple of months, you have practiced endlessly, and you know what you need to do.  Don’t psych yourself out.  You can do this and will do it.  Keep your focus and you will do well.

A special shout out to my students.  Good luck to you – now you know why I was so hard on you and you know that we believe in you.

You can do it.   Good Luck to all.

3 Days Before the Bar Exam The Weekend Before the Bar

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No matter how hard you’ve studied and how many practice exams you’ve taken, once you get to the bar exam you will do well on the bar exam.

Everything you’ve been doing during your bar review has prepared you for this moment.  And, if you’ve prepared properly and you’re willing to .

Allocating Your Time


Using the exact time you were told to begin the exam, write down the starting and ending times for each question.  Follow this clock throughout the exam to stay on track.


You have to complete between 16 and 17 questions in a 30 minute period, averaging 33-34 questions every hour to complete the 100 questions in a three hour period; set your clock on the half hour with appropriate milestones.

If You Get Stuck on an MBE Question

Make your best choice, but circle the question and if you have time at the end of the exam, you can go back to it.

With only 1.8 minutes per question, there’s only so much time to allow for doubt.  There will be questions you just don’t know.  Don’t squander precious time that could be spent on questions you can answer.

If You Get Stuck on an Essay Question

Write the issue, whether or not you know the rule at this point.  Formulating the issue will get your points from the grader even if you blank out on the rule.  Rely on your knowledge of general legal principles and standards to guide you, even if you don’t know each and every element of the rule.

Be confident in your abilities to have prepared as best you could for the exam.


4 Days to the Bar Exam: The Practicalities of the Bar Exam

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Take Monday off so you can rest and be alert during the exam.  Keep the final day low key and try not to think about the exam.  If you are staying at a hotel, get to your hotel early, check in and relax.   Keep your anxiety under control and you’ll be fine.

The Night Before the Exam

The night before the exam is the one time you may want to read a little material or study because you probably will have trouble sleeping on Monday night.   Try reading a bar outline or your one pagers.  If you can’t fall asleep, just lie there.  Don’t try to do extra studying, just rest.  If you can’t fall asleep, don’t get out of bed, pace, watch television or do anything to keep your mind active.  You want to keep your mind at rest, even if your body can’t rest.

The Exam is Now

Make sure you have a positive outlook.  You’ve done hundreds of practice questions by now.  You can do this

Food and Drinks

The night before the exam, eat something that gives you some strength but nothing that you know can make you feel sick.  You know your own body, so play it smart.  Avoid anything that makes you feel queasy.

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and for those in California, Thursday, eat a solid breakfast that will get your mind working, but don’t eat so much it makes you sleepy.  Don’t drink too much that it causes frequent restroom visits.

Also important is your lunch.  Once again, avoid heavy foods that will make you sleepy.  Avoid food that makes you sleepy.  Again, limit your drinks to avoid frequent restroom breaks.

Leave your cellphone at the hotel or in the car.  Do not bring it in to the site.  You can be kicked out of the bar if your phone rings.  If your cellphone rings, you will be back in the same place, taking the bar again in 6 months if you get kicked out of the bar.

During Your Breaks

Do not talk to anyone about the exam during your breaks. Inevitably someone will want to talk about the bar and inevitably that person put down something different from what you did.  Do not second guess yourself by rehashing the exam.