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The Bar Exam is Over!!!

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Now it’s time to relax and have fun!!  Take some time off.  You deserve it.

Continued Good Luck to Those Who Are Still Taking the Bar Exam

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Keep your spirits up.  You are almost to the finish line.  Good luck on your final day of the bar exam.  You can do this.  Good luck on this last day of the bar exam.

Today is the MBE Exam

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Today is the MBE for everyone taking the bar, no matter where you are taking the bar exam.  Everyone has to take it so relax and be confident.  Pace yourself.  Remember, 1.6 minutes a question.  Keep your time.  Your must answer every question.  You have studied hard for this day and you will perform to the best of your ability.  Good luck to everyone.  Keep believing in yourself.

The Florida Multiple Choice Subjects Tested for July 2010

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The tested subjects for multiple choice questions for the July 2010 Florida bar exam were:

Criminal and Civil Procedure


Business Entities – Partnerships and Corporations


See the prior post for the essay subjects tested:

Constitutional Law and Real Property, Trusts/Professional Responsibility  and Contracts with Warranty Deeds and Conveyances and Easements

Florida Essay Subjects Tested on the July 2010 Bar Exam

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Here are the Florida essay subjects:

Trusts with a Professional Responsibility

Constitutional Law and Real Property – Ad Volorem Taxes, Homestead, Creditors, Tenants by the Entirety

Contracts with Conveyance of  Real Property, Easement, Warranties,  and Damages.

Today Is the Bar Exam and You Will Begin the Rest of Your Life

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Today is the bar exam.  Relax, be confident and do your thing.  You have studied hard for this day and you will perform to the best of your ability.  Tonight, go back to your home or to your hotel  and rest.  Don’t do anymore studying for the MBE.  Eat, watch a little television and then go to sleep.  You will be so tired, you will be asleep before your head hits your pillow.  But it will be a well earned rest.  Good luck to everyone.  Keep believing in yourself.  This is the first day of your life as an attorney.

1 Day Until the Bar Exam: Relax and Be Confident

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You are almost to the finish line.  Get ready today by relaxing and being confident in your abilities.  You have been preparing for your chance to be a lawyer for 3 years or more.  You can do this.  Go to your hotel room  and  try to have a quiet, restful day.  No upsets and no panic  is allowed.  Review your essay notes today, get to bed early and relax.  Even if you can’t sleep, lay down  with the lights off and get some rest. 

Wake up early on Tuesday, get to the exam site in plenty of time to get registered and kick the stuffings out this bar. Do well, my friends.  You can do this.

2 Days Until the Bar Exam: Good Luck to All

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For those taking the bar exam, good luck to all of you and remember the lessons I gave you in this blog.  Come in with a plan, remember your goals and you will be calling yourself an attorney in a few months. 

Be confident in your abilities.  You have studied hard these past couple of months, you have practiced endlessly, and you know what you need to do.  Don’t psych yourself out.  You can do this and will do it.  Keep your focus and you will do well.

A special shout out to my students.  Good luck people – now you know why I was so hard on you and you know that the “Parson Group” believes in you.  Good luck to my Pass Florida Program students. – God Bless.

Good Luck to all.

3 Days Before the Bar Exam: Find the Exam Zone

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Being in the Moment

No matter how hard you’ve studied and how many practice exams you’ve taken, once you get to the bar exam, you must let go and be in the moment.  This means that you respond to what the bar examiners ask of you and not what you want to tell the bar examiners you know.

Implementing What You’ve Learned

You know exactly what you’re going to do and have practiced sufficiently.  As such, you are ready to take the bar exam


Allocating Your Time

Using the exact time you were told to begin the exam, set your timetable as you did during practice sessions.

Write down the starting and ending times for each question and make sure you follow the timetable.


You have to complete between 16 and 17 questions in a 30 minute period, averaging 33-34 questions every hour to complete the 100 questions in a three hour period; set your clock on the half hour with appropriate milestones.

If You Get Stuck on an MBE Question

Make your best choice, but circle the question and if you have time at the end of the exam, you can go back to it.

With only 1.8 minutes per question, there’s only so much time to allow for doubt.  There will be questions you just don’t know.  Don’t squander precious time that could be spent on questions you can answer.

If You Get Stuck on an Essay Question

Write the issue, whether or not you know the rule at this point.  Formulating the issue will get your points from the grader even if you blank out on the rule.  Rely on your knowledge of general legal principles and standards to guide you, even if you don’t know each and every element of the rule.

Be confident in your abilities to have prepared as best you could for the exam.


4 days until the bar exam: Powering Down This Weekend

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One of the most important factors in your performance is going to be your endurance.  You need to remain focused and energized throughout the bar exam and this is difficult.  Most students find themselves hitting a brick wall somewhere during the exam day.  There are some ways to try and minimize this detrimental impact.

First, you need to catch up on your rest and start powering down on your studying.  This weekend try to have a “normal” couple of days.  Put in study time, but also sleep, rest, watch tv, go out to dinner and relax.  Do your sleeping this weekend so you are ready for the bar exam.

Do not drink any alcohol.  You do not want that in your system.   Try not to eat rich food or foods you know have adverse effects on your stomach. Monday, eat solid but light foods to keep you alert.   Just think boring foods because you stomach may be upset due to nerves.  Try to relax a bit because you have done your preparation and now its time to get in the game.