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The Bar Exam is Over

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A job well done to all. 

Now it’s time to relax and have fun!!  Take some time off.  You deserve it.

Continued Good Luck to Those Who Are Still Taking the Bar Exam

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Keep your spirits up.  You are almost to the finish line.  Good luck on your final day of the bar exam.  You can do this.  Good luck on this last day of the bar exam.

Today is the MBE Exam

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Today is the MBE for everyone taking the bar, no matter where you are taking the bar exam.  Everyone has to take it so relax and be confident.  Pace yourself.  Remember, 1.6 minutes a question.  Keep your time.  Your must answer every question.  You have studied hard for this day and you will perform to the best of your ability.  Good luck to everyone.  Keep believing in yourself.

Florida Bar Exam Subjects for July 2011

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We called it. 

Family Law and Professional Responsibility, Contacts/Property and  Professional Responsibility, Torts and Professional Responsibility

Today Is the Bar Exam and You Will Begin the Rest of Your Life

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Today is the bar exam.  Relax, be confident and do your thng.  You have studied hard for this day and you will perform to the best of your ability.  Tonight, go back to your home or to your hotel  and rest.  Don’t do anymore studying for the MBE.  Eat, watch a little television and then go to sleep.  You will be so tired, you will be asleep before your head hits your pillow.  But it will be a well earned rest.  Good luck to everyone.  Keep believing in yourself.  This is the first day of your life as an attorney.

Monday, The Day Before the Bar Exam: Relax and Get Your Mind on the Prize

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Take Monday off so you can rest and be alert during the exam.  Keep the final day low key and try not to think about the exam.  If you are staying at a hotel, get to your hotel early, check in and relax.   Keep your anxiety under control and you’ll be fine.

The Night Before the Exam

The night before the exam is the one time you may want to read a little material or study because you probably will have trouble sleeping on Monday night.   Try reading a bar outline or your one pagers.  If you can’t fall asleep, just lie there.  Don’t try to do extra studying, just rest.  If you can’t fall asleep, don’t get out of bed, pace, watch television or do anything to keep your mind active.  You want to keep your mind at rest, even if your body can’t rest.

The Exam is Now

Make sure you have a positive outlook.  You’ve done hundreds of practice questions by now.  You can do this

Food and Drinks

The night before the exam, eat something that gives you some strength but nothing that you know can make you feel sick.  You know your own body, so play it smart.  Avoid anything that makes you feel queasy.

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and for those in California, Thursday, eat a solid breakfast that will get your mind working, but don’t eat so much it makes you sleepy.  Don’t drink too much that it causes frequent restroom visits.

Also important is your lunch.  Once again, avoid heavy foods that will make you sleepy.  Avoid food that makes you sleepy.  Again, limit your drinks to avoid frequent restroom breaks.

Leave your cellphone at the hotel or in the car.  Do not bring it in to the site.  You can be kicked out of the bar if your phone rings.  If your cellphone rings, you will be back in the same place, taking the bar again in 6 months if you get kicked out of the bar.

During Your Breaks

Do not talk to anyone about the exam during your breaks. Inevitably someone will want to talk about the bar and inevitably that person put down something different from what you did.  Do not second guess yourself by rehashing the exam.

Powering Down This Weekend

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Like most law students, you’re probably conditioned to study hard even the day before the exam.  In fact, you may think it’s wise to study right up to the last minute.  With the bar exam, that’s a serious mistake.  This isn’t a two or three hour exam.  The test’s duration is nearly eight hours, including your lunch break.

One of the most important factors in your performance is going to be your endurance.  You need to remain focused and energized throughout the bar exam and this is difficult.  Most students find themselves hitting a brick wall somewhere during the exam day.  There are some ways to try and minimize this detrimental impact. 

First, you need to catch up on your rest and start powering down on your studying.  This weekend try to have a “normal” couple of days.  Put in study time, but also sleep, rest, watch tv, go out to dinner and relax.  Do your sleeping this weekend.  Why?  Because you probably will not be able to sleep soundly on Monday night. Tuesday night you will sleep like a rock because you will be exhausted from a good day of focusing.  Sleeping longer on the weekend prior to the exam will enable you to get rest and not be too groggy on Tuesday.

Second, eat well this weekend since you probably have had a lot of fast food these past 6 weeks.  You may not be able to eat much on Monday if your nerves start showing.  Do not drink any alcohol.  You do not want that in your system.  Obviously, no drugs are needed now or any other time.  Try not to eat rich food or foods you know have adverse effects on your stomach. Monday, eat solid but light foods to keep you alert.   Just think boring foods because you stomach may be upset due to nerves.  Try to relax a bit because you have done your preparation and now its time to get in the game.