The Florida Bar Exam Results Will Be Released on Monday Morning

The Florida bar results will be released on Monday morning, September 19, 2011.   I know the Florida takers are going crazy this weekend.  Monday will be such a big day for you.  This is your day of reckoning.  Did you study hard enough, not enough, did you do enough to pass.  Those thoughts will consume you this weekend.  It will be hard, but try to relax; it is out of your control right now.  There are no more second thoughts for you.

Monday will be a day of joy for some and hardship for others.  For those who pass, enjoy this exciting and great accomplishment.  You deserve all the praise from your friends and family for your hard work and sacrifice.

For those who were unsuccessful, do not feel dejected.  Start studying for the bar now.  Get right back up and say, “I will pass in February 2012.”  Hard work will pay off.  Also, do not do what you did last time.  It is not working for you.  Bar review courses are one size fits all, but you will need another way to study that fits your needs.  Determine how you can get the most for your studies so that you can pass in February.  Never give up.

Come back to this site with the results of the Florida Bar Exam by law school.

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