The July 2011 Florida Bar Exam Results Are Up

The July 2011 Florida bar exam results are now up.

Congratulations on passing the bar and a job well done.

To those who failed, keep your chin up; you can pass the next time.  Have a good cry and get back to business.

We will put the law school’s information up as soon as we get it.

BarProfessors is offering private and confidential tutorial services for the February 2012 Florida Bar exam as well as New York, California and Texas.  Spaces are very limited.  Forward your e-mail to


4 Responses to “The July 2011 Florida Bar Exam Results Are Up”

  1. Jerked Around Says:

    Too bad passing the Florida Bar Exam is the easiest part of getting actually admitted to the Florida Bar! I passed the bar exam 2 years ago and I’m still sitting here unadmitted waiting for the character & fitness committee to finish flyspecking every parking ticket etc I got 10 years ago. Almost every applicant over age 30 or out-of-state attorney gets a ridiculous hold-up. Let’s stop pretending the bar exam is somehow the hurtle to bar admission like it is in the other 49 states…….

  2. Any law school results yet?

  3. Great review! This is exactly the type of post that needs to be shared around the web. Shame on the Bing for not positioning this blog post higher!

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