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The Massachusetts Bar Results are Up for February 2012

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The Massachusetts bar results for February 2012 is now up.  A total of 644 applicants sat for the February 2012 bar examination, of whom 390 (60.6%) passed. There were 384 first time takers, of whom 275 (71.6%) passed the exam.  Notice how the pass percentage goes down the more times a taker sits for the bar:

1st time taker:  71.6%

2nd time taker:  57.8%

3rd time taker:  33.3%

4th time taker:  0%

5th time or more:  10.6%


Boston College had a 90% pass rate

Boston University had a 100% pass rate

Harvard:  100%

Mass:  59.5%

Northeastern:  73.7%

New England:  72.7%

Suffolk:  79.6%

Western New England:  57.1

Univ. of Mass, Dartmouth:  0%

It May Be Time for a Private Tutor

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The time has come when you check the bar examiners website, look up your number and see that you have failed the bar. Shock, disappointment, sadness, angry, embarrassment – you run the gaunlet of emotions. What do you do now?

Spend a little time with your emotions. Get them all out – have yourself a cry, throw your books across the room, but then there comes a time when you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again.

You must take the bar exam again – do not take too long to get over your emotions. Have your cry and move on. It’s time to refocus again on the bar. I’ve had students tell me that they have studied the hardest they had ever studied for anything in their lives for their first bar exam. That’s probably true, but that’s why it’s time to examine how your study. Taking the exam again will call for a change in approach, strategy, and preparation for you to pass that final hurdle in fulfilling your dream of becoming a lawyer. The bar exam is not an academic exercise. The bar examiners want to know whether you are prepared to practice law.

Let BarProfessors look at your scores in depth. We will be able to tell you what areas you need to work on, without neglecting the stronger areas of your performance. The analysis of your scores will determine how to prepare a strategy for yourself as your prepare for the next exam.

Don’t do the same thing you did for the first bar you took. Employ a private tutor who can work one on one with you to keep you sharp and motivated and you”ll be on the way to passing the bar. Keep working, don’t despair and good luck.

Please note that BarProfessors provides private tutorial for the Florida, California, Texas and New York July 2012 bar exams. Please go to or send an e-mail to

Florida Bar Results for February 2012 by Law School

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Here is the list of the Florida Bar Results for February 2012 by Law School:

University of Miami School of Law:  41 takers, 32 passed:  78%

University of Florida College of Law:  22 takers, 15 passed:  68.2%

Stetson University College of Law:  57 takers, 50 passed:  87.7%

Florida State University College of Law:  23 takers, 18 passed:  78.3%

Nova Southeastern University College of Law:  48 takers, 30 passed:  62.5%

St. Thomas University College of Law:  34 takers, 31 passed:  91.2%

Florida Coastal School of Law:  59 takers, 45 passed:  76.3%

Barry University School of Law:  31 takers, 24 passed:  77.4%

Florida A&M University College of Law:  29 takers, 19 passed:  65.5%

Florida International University College of Law:  35 takers, 30 passed:  85.7%

Ave Maria School of Law:  1 taker, 0 passed:  0%

non-Florida law schools:  491 takers, 370 passed:  75.4%

Totals:  871 takers, 664 passed:  76.2%

Florida February 2012 Bar Pass Rate by Law School

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We will post the Florida Bar Pass rates by law school for the February 2012 bar as soon as it is available.

The Florida Bar Exam Results Are Now Out!

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The Florida Bar Exam Results for February 2012 are now out.  Please check the website.  Congrats to those who passed.

The Florida Bar Exam Results Come Out Today

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The February 2012 bar exam results for Florida come out today!  Good luck to everyone.

The Florida bar results come out on Monday

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The Florida bar exam results come out on Monday. Stay tuned to this blog.