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Essay Writing for the Bar Exam

Posted in Uncategorized on June 2, 2012 by barprofs

Essay writing is a  skill that you must master in order to pass the bar exam. For those persons who have failed the bar exam and are repeat takers, you have to examine how you have answered your essays and look for ways to improve your performance.

Always, write for an uninformed audience. For example, assume your audience knows nothing about the law. The bar examiners look for how well you know the substantive knowledge and how well you apply it.

You want to be able to show you can communicate the law, through your essay, in an organized fashion. If you are poorly organized, the examiner will find it hard to follow your train of thought or to give you much needed points. Your writing skills do matter as does spelling and grammar and using legal terminology.

Practice Time Management

Practice Writing

Keep sentences short and concise