The February 2013 Bar Exam: The New Subjects on the Florida Bar Exam

For the February 2013 bar exam, I had my students in Florida review the new subjects on the bar exam.  We went over secured transactions, commercial paper, dependency and juvenile delinquency.  Yet, none of those subjects were tested on the bar exam.  Why not?  The Florida Bar Examiners made a big production of changing the rules and  letting everyone know that the changes would be effective for the February 2013 bar exam.  I remember getting the drafts of the new changes, 4 or 5 years ago.  Are they waiting for the “larger” bar exam crowd in July to launch the new subjects or will that be a bust, too?  Will the new subject essays be a stand alone or will it be part of a cross over subject?

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  1. Christy Powers Says:

    Dependency was tested this past Feb 2013. Termination of parental rights with family law.

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