The February 2018 Bar Exam: Super Bowl Monday

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Many of us took a few hours yesterday to watch a pretty fun, pretty good super bowl. Nick Foles, QB for the Eagles and now the Super Bowl MVP, has a story to tell that is pertinent to all of us.  After being traded, then getting cut, he contemplated giving up and retiring at age 27.  He thought about it, prayed about it and finally decided he was going to give it another go.  He had to sit as a backup, practicing everyday, not knowing if he would ever get in a game.  But when the opportunity presented itself, he performed calmly and brilliantly.  He didn’t give up on himself, he dealt with the struggle of the unknown.  He believed in himself.

Like Nick Foles, all of us reach a crossroads in life. Should we continue to push forward and do the thing that we love or do we give up and do something else?  Think about how this pertains to you and the bar exam.  There are many repeat takers who are ready to give up or don’t think they can pass.

If you want to be a lawyer, you must embrace the struggle, believe in yourself and have your own Super Bowl moment.  Nick Foles will forever be known as a Super Bowl MVP and you will always be known as an attorney. Your number has been called up and it’s time to be successful on the bar exam.

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